Kristy Collins

Greetings from the charming small town of Waterford in beautiful Connecticut, USA! I’m Kristy Collins, a devoted polar bear enthusiast who is passionate about these majestic creatures of the Arctic. My family, including my wonderful husband, three energetic kids, and two loyal canine companions, shares my love for these magnificent animals.

Nestled in our little corner of Connecticut, where small-town charm meets natural beauty, we often find ourselves drawn to the great outdoors. Our cherished trips frequently involve exploring the wonders of the Arctic world, either through books, documentaries, or visits to habitats where we can learn more about polar bears.

I’ve developed my blog to connect with people who share my love and fascination for polar bears. It’s a space where I share insights into the lives of these magnificent creatures, discuss conservation efforts, and explore the mysteries of their Arctic home. From their unique adaptations to survive in extreme cold to their playful behaviors and the challenges they face due to climate change, my blog covers it all.

Barbecuing on our patio, surrounded by family, often turns into discussions about the plight of polar bears and what we can do to help. Life here is not just about creating memories with loved ones, but also about nurturing a collective passion for these incredible animals.

Through my blog, I aim to offer you a window into the world of polar bears, sharing the latest research, personal experiences from experts in the field, and heartwarming stories about these creatures. Whether you’re a fellow enthusiast, a curious learner, or someone deeply concerned about wildlife conservation, I’m here to engage, inform, and inspire.

Join me as we embark on a journey to the frozen north, exploring the lives of polar bears. Know that I’m not just your guide through this adventure but also a friend who understands the deep connection we can have with these animals. Together, we can marvel at their beauty, understand their struggles, and advocate for their survival.

Thank you for being a part of this exciting and meaningful journey. If you have questions, experiences to share, or simply wish to connect over our shared passion for polar bears, please feel free to reach out. Life is an incredible adventure, and it becomes even more enriching when we share it with fellow polar bear aficionados.

Warm regards,

Kristy Collins